View of the main gallery during the Crocus Gallery Open 3


The Crocus Gallery Group

The Crocus Gallery is still active. Please note that we have vacated the old gallery space at

1 Church Square in Lenton and have no affiliation with exhibitions or art projects currently happening in our former gallery space.

We have new and exciting projects coming this year.

Gallery Space - Gallery Closure

After three successful years of exhibitions and events, Crocus Gallery decided to close down at the end of May 2013 and vacate the gallery space at 1 Church Square in Lenton to focus on organising short-term art projects and exhibitions in empty spaces around Nottingham. We would like to thank all those who supported Crocus Gallery during that time, particularly all those who volunteered their time and energy. Without their help Crocus Gallery would not have been possible.

A new organisation has taken over the space in Church Square and intends to continue operating a gallery under the name of Real Lives Gallery.

Final Exhibition at 1 Church Square

The final exhibition in the space at 1 Church square featured the winners of the Crocus Gallery Open 3. Images show winner Tracie Shaylor being congratulated on her success by the Open Exhibition Judge, Madeleine Burt.

The runner up and also featured in the final exhibition is Lucy Sparrow.

During the launch night on Friday 16th November, Madeleine Burt announces the winners of the Crocus Gallery Open 3. From left to right, Kay Richards, Rachel Tait and Madeleine Burt.


Morphogenesis Cells - Tracie Shaylor

Madeleine Burt (left congratulates Tracie Shaylor on being chosen as winner of the Crocus Gallery Open 3

Marlborough Lights - Lucy Sparrow

If Damien Hirst Had Paint Thinner - Lucy Sparrow

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